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At byteliberator.io, we are passionate about untapping the potential of AI to liberate humans from dull and mundane tasks, freeing up time for ingenuity, creativity, social interactions and fun! Our mission is to provide valuable insights, guidance, and resources to help individuals and businesses thrive.

Meet Our Team

Yang Chen - Business and Industry Expertise

Yang Chen

Chief Blogger | AI Enthusiast | Consultant

Yang has 22+ years of experience in management consulting. He started his career in full stack application development and transitioned to business and digital transformations in product development and supply chain. Yang specializes in utilizing technology to underpin transformative change.

Kelvn Lwin - CAIO, Technical Expertise

Kelvin Lwin

Chief AI Officer (CAIO) | AI Pioneer | Attention Trainer

Kelvin taught Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning in Academia and Industry for a decade. He subsequently expanded into building AI full stack. Now he is combining AI, Empathy & Ethics informed by his 20 years of meditation to build new Educational AI for all.